What do you smell like?

What do you smell like?

Have you ever thought what do you smell like?

You might think you smell of the perfume you use daily.

Yes! that is what your body would smell. But what does your life smell like?

Is it a sweet aroma to your loved ones and other people around you?

Is it like the fragrance of honey which attracts many bees or the smell of rotten egg which drives away everyone?

I have always felt when I spent too much time in the kitchen I start smelling of the dish I prepared that day.

And in the evening when my little son returns from nursery he smells of the carer with whom he spent all his day.

Yes my dear friend. Your life will radiate the smell of the one with whom you spent most of your time.

A Christian should be the aroma of Jesus Christ! Your aroma should be so obvious that it brings eternity to others’ minds.

This aroma would be radiated only from your personal relationship with him and it will get stronger as the amount of time you spent with him increases.

Does people see love, forgiveness, and repentance in your life? And does your life speak the truths of the gospel to those around you?

As Paul says in 2 Cor 2:152 Cor 2:15
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” we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”

Isn’t it time to smell ourselves to see what do we smell like?

May God bless you to be the aroma of Christ!

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