What is your value?

What is your value?

Sometimes you may think of yourself as valueless!You think there’s no one to care about you or love you.You feel there’s no meaning in your life…If so, friend let me introduce you to someone who values and loves you the most…

Imagine you are so much in love with something that you want to buy it at any cost. You sold everything you had just to buy it. Finally after selling everything you had, with so much of pain and suffering you own ‘the object you loved’! Can anyone measure the value of such a thing which costed you everything in your life? Never.It must be priceless and you must be madly in love with it.


1 John 3:161 John 3:16
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-This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.

Yes! Jesus did the same. He left all his riches just for you..



Just think how much you are worth!!!Now imagine, YOU the precious pearl in Lord Jesus hands and with a smile he is telling to you.“You are the most precious one, for whom I left everything, I even laid down my life for you.”…

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