Who is your best friend?

Who is your best friend?

“Who is your best friend?”

Most of us would have faced this question in our life from childhood?


What happens when we hear this question is, there might be some names which comes to our mind immediately.

Have we ever thought why these names pop up instantly to our mind?

Some of them would have strengthened us when we were weak. Some of them may share the same thoughts as us.

Some of them would have taken care of us when we were sick. Some of them would have given us moral support in crisis. Or its just that we love spending time with them, having just a tiny chat…..

But have any one of them given their life for us? Or are they ready to sacrifice their life for us…Even our life partners? Isn’t it time to think?

“I believe the answer is NO for most of us!”

But there is a friend is waiting for you who is capable of doing more than all your best friends can.

He sacrificed his life for you! He can give happiness which the whole world cannot give. He can give you peace more than even the richest person in this world. He can give you wisdom and knowledge even greater than the biggest scientist in this world. More than anything he can give you love, joy and  the key to eternal life.

Why are you not making him as your best pal? More than relying on just a human created by him, why don’t we rely on Jesus the creator itself?

Isn’t it time to make him as your best pal in life… Just say Yes and he is there right next to you!!!

God Bless You!

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